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Who is Glitz Paper Company:

The face behind Glitz:
Hey friends! My name is Ashley – a 23 year-old recent college grad who’s trying to figure out the next step in her crazy life. I love Jesus, media, writing, crafting, planning, and organization. Oh, I also love glitter and anything that sparkles – which should be evident by my planner creations – ha! Currently, I’m still using my 2014 Vera Bradley Agenda, but I have an Erin Condren Life Planner for 2015 that I’m SO excited to use! (I may have even already decorated a couple of weeks in January!) While I’m in this transitional phase in life, I’ve decided to get back into crafting and creating, and have decided to take it on as my current full-time job. Call me crazy, but I’m SO excited to dive head first into this!
How I discovered the ECLP:
After a coworker from my summer camp job introduced me to the Life Planner, and immediately I was intrigued. I’ve always had a calendar/planner obsession, but the idea of getting to be SUPER creative with it, as well as all of the organizational bonuses really sparked my interest in this planner I’d never even heard of. It took a but of convincing myself to spend that much money on something I wasn’t 100% sure I’d like, especially since I was a newly unemployed 20-something with no serious prospects of future employment, but I’m so glad I did. What was initially just a splurge to pamper and encourage myself turned into a great investment and fun way to spend my time!

History of Glitz:

When I first got into “the planner world”, I had NO idea how into their planners people get! After looking through instagram and facebook pages, I was so inspired and impressed by how people were decorating their planners! But, I was also shocked to realize just how much people were spending on their decorations and tools! I would look through Etsy shops and people who sold on other pages, and was finding really cute items, but could NOT believe how much people were charging! I understand needing to make a profit, but charging $4 for a paperclip, and then charging an additional $5 JUST for shipping?! That’s CRAZY! Who would pay that?!

But, around the same time, I came across a sweet girl named Wenda, and she helped inspire me. Wenda is pretty well-known in the planner world on Instagram, and is mostly known for her free downloads for her planners! She’s constantly teaching others how to DIY planner decorations and how she does things, and I LOVE that! Isn’t the main goal of a creative community to inspire and help each other? So, then why are people charging $5 to ship a paperclip?! (Excuse the constant paperclip reference – it still just baffles me haha!)

And so, my creative juices started flowing. I started creating my own stickers using Wenda’s templates and my ancient Xyron sticker maker I’ve had since middle school. But, I quickly began expanding and coming up with ideas of my own. I wanted to share with others how I do what I do, but I also know that there are still people in our creative community who might not have as much time on their hands. So, I created Glitz Paper Company!

Glitz is unique from other blogs and stores, because it’s not just one or the other. Glitz is a store, but ALSO a blog. Almost everything sold on the Easy store can be found here – for free. If you want to download the file and make your own stickers and decorations, you can. If you’d rather buy them already made and cut, you can. All for reasonable prices and shipping fees. Of course, there are items that can’t be posted as free downloads, but if it can be created from a downloaded file, it will be available for free here!

Besides just posting downloads though, Glitz wants to be here for you – the clients. I want to not only supply you with products, but also with the tools and ideas you want to make your planner unique. If you have ideas for designs, stickers, inserts, WHATEVER – I want to hear them! I’m here to help you and to make your planning experience fun, while not breaking the bank!


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