New ECLP Planner Squares – Notebook Paper

Hey everyone!

I recently posted these cute new ECLP planner squares in my shop, and I decided to make them accessible to y’all on the printables section as well!

I’m in the process of applying to grad school, so I decided to go ahead and prepare my planner stash to accommodate the school planning I’ll be doing come January. I’ve seen SO many cute notebook paper planner squares, so I decided to create my own!
notebook paper (backdrop)                                 notebook paper (list)
Notebook Paper (backdrop)            Notebook Paper (list)
WordDoc  JPEG  PDF                      WordDoc  JPEG  PDF

I’ve seen some people who use them as checklists, but I also wanted to use them to mark big projects and assignments as well. So, I ended up creating 2 different designs! The “list” design is the one with spacing large enough to write on each line, while the “backdrop” design looks more like an actual piece of paper with smaller spacing. I personally love both, but both are obviously used for different things!

I’ve got SO many new stickers and printables in the works right now, so be on the lookout soon for more posts!

Happy Tuesday!


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