Welcome to Glitz!

Hey friends! I’m SO excited to share with you what all I’ve been working on – including this blog!

Glitz Paper Company is an idea that I had a couple of weeks ago after shopping around for items for my ECLP and constantly finding myself disappointed. I either couldn’t find items I loved, or they were WAY too expensive for my recent-college-grad budget. I’d find free printables on several sites, but found myself customizing almost to the point of completely starting over. I’d also find several things on sites like Etsy that I LOVED, but couldn’t fathom spending the sellers asking price on the items. So, I decided to just start my own blog AND store! (Click here for the full story of how this idea came about!)

So, what it Glitz? To put it quite simply, Glitz is a company that creates FOR YOU. Everything sold in our store that is created from a digital file will also be available here for free. Yes, for FREE. Why should I charge you for something if you’re willing to do the work yourself? I’m all about saving you money if you wish! But, those same items, in completed form, will be available in the store as well. And, as always, I promise to never jack up prices just to make a profit. I also have a shipping gurantee, where I will never charge you more for shipping than it actually costs me to ship. If you are charged more for shipping that it actually costs, I’ll refund the excess – guaranteed. My goal is to be reasonable, not take advantage of you. I LOVE swapping items with other “planner junkies” and getting ideas and tips from them, so I want to do the same!

Currently, the shop is still on vacation mode. I want to make sure everything available is posted, priced correctly, and that it’s easy to navigate. However, I have officially set a date for the grand re-opening! The shop will go live on… OCTOBER 27!!

In celebration of the grand re-opening, I’m currently putting together a giveaway of some of my favorite planner goodies. So, PLEASE spread the word about the shop and blog! I’m looking forward to building this community of fellow planner and crafting lovers!

I’m excited to get started on this fun new adventure! I hope you guys are too!


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